How to use a fleshlight

Even though it might sound unbelievable, there are MANY different ways to use a fleshlight. In this article, we are going to discuss the best ways to have fun with your sex toy.
flashlight hands free

Fun Ways to Use Your Fleshlight Toy

#1. Standard.
We know how it usually goes, right? Enter, fuck, cum, exit, clean, repeat!
Obviously, this requires a bit of preparation. Take out the sleeve and place it in a bowl of hand-hot water to clean it and warm it up a bit. Take it out, remove excess water, and re-insert it into the container (be sure to attach it in a proper fashion). Now you have to apply water-based lube to your own penis AND the fleshlight. Remember that only water-based lubricant will protect your new favorite toy from deterioration.
P.S. One of the most common questions we get is “how to use a fleshlight without lube?” Truth be told, there’s NO pleasurable/safe way to use a fleshlight without lube. Sorry.
#2. Warmer.
Remember the part about placing your toy in hand-hot water? Yeah, you can heat it up a bit more. The fleshlight’s material will hold in some of the warmness from the water and create a very soothing, carnal, and pleasing true-to-life feeling.
#3. Cooler.
Can you guess what we’re about to suggest right here? Yup, now you need to place your toy in COOL water. The water has to be cool, not TOO cold. You might want to use your fridge if that’s a possibility for you. Either way, fucking something cold should be a new feeling for you… and some find it extremely arousing.
#4. Lube Play.
There are many different types of lube available on the market, so it’s only natural that you’d want to experiment a little bit. For example, some types of lubricants have heating properties, some can help you last longer, and some can give you this strange, tingly sensation.
#5. Hands-Free.

There are many different ways to go about this particular method – sticking your cock sleeve between couch cushions, using pillows, etc. Looking for tutorials that teach you how to use a fleshlight upright is a smart idea, just in case you were wondering.
#6. Shower Delight.
flashlight in a shower
There’s a special accessory that can help you suction your toy onto the shower wall. How to use a fleshlight intheshower? Well, you gotta shell out some cash first, as it turns out. Then again, this hands-free experience is totally worth it.
#7. POV Porn Experience.
Choose a high-def POV clip and make your experience ten times more intense and immersive. Aside from experiencing the sensations, you will also be able to visualize your kinky fantasy, so to speak. Also worth noting – there are interactive fleshlights that can sync up to certain porn videos. Yeah, really.

Q&A about FlashLight masturbation

Question: How to use a clear fleshlight?
A: Using a transparent fleshlight is the same as using a regular fleshlight. Slightly less realistic for some people, probably?
Question: How to use a fleshlight to get more stamina?
A: There’s been enough research to back up the claim that a fleshlight can boost your endurance. Just use it more often and experiment with different techniques. Try to hold off for as long as you can. After a while, a fleshlight is sure to improve your stamina!
Question: How to use a fleshlight when out of lube?
A: Purchase lube. Sorry to leave you disappointed – no spit, soap, or water are going to replace water-based lubricants.
Question: How to use a fleshlight during sex?
A: There are many different ways to incorporate your masturbation sleeve into your love-making sessions. For example, your partner can slide it up and down your dick before/after/during a blowjob or a handjob. It might require some clear instructions on your part, though.